Your very own family spot, 4 adults and 4 children, on the lease, for the year!

Canoe, Kayak, Mountain Bike, Hike, Fish & Relax!

Now setting up leases for 2023/24 – Get your cabin reserved, setup and stay today! Looking forward to another great year! Call or text 317-796-5314

Rent this hidden retreat directly connected to Southwestway Park/Winding River golf (500 acres) and sits on the White River

**Only 0 cabins still available for the 2023/24 season**

Call or text 317-796-5314

Don’t pack a full car load each time you want to have a weekend trip, just keep it all in your cabin and jump in the car whenever you feel like a long or short vacation. Nobody else uses your cabin – it is yours to set up how you want for the year.

No crowds, private and secluded!

Call or text 317-796-5314

If you are looking for a full time family vacation getaway, Indy River is here for you. It is one price for the family, for an entire year vacation rental, for four adults & four children or share with your friends, yes, for the year. Sometimes you just need to get away. If your wanderlust gets the best of you and the traveler inside is itching to get outdoors, Indy River is your spot. Are you just looking for a great location to spend more time outside, Indy River is your ticket. The yearly rental allows you to not only use your cabin right now, but continue to have multiple vacations throughout the entire year. Come and go as much as you like. To clarify you can use it as your personal vacation getaway the whole year. Mountain bike, hike, fish, canoe, kayak, atv and relax on your schedule. This is a small location where you will not be around any large crowd. Call or email us if interested and we will set up a time to get you out there for a tour to check it out. Info@Indy or 317-796-5314
Rent this hidden retreat that is connected directly to Southwestway Park and sits on the White River inside Indianapolis! Walk right down to the river, put in your canoe / kayak / fish or walk directly into the park and hike / mountain bike / explore – go after work, on weekends, for vacations, etc. Perfect if you live in the city and are looking for a close location to get into nature and relax. Set up the cabin to your own liking, keep your personal items in the cabin, don’t lug them around each time you want to unwind. Reminder this is not a full time residence, it is a vacation getaway when you are ready to relax. This is your personal spot, for the year, to use whenever you want. Select your site today!

And yes our standard size “Cabin” is a shed, it is a lifetime 6446. It is a 15 x 8 with skylights, windows that open with screens and shelves. It’s pretty nice inside fits about three king-size beds floor size. We had ours set up with a queen bed on one side and bunkbeds on the other with plenty of room in the middle. You are also allowed one tent next to your cabin. There are water stations and electric stations all throughout the property. You just run an extension cord to your cabin for power. There are no restrooms or kitchens in the cabin they are very simple. There are two campground restrooms with showers. We are on the white river and directly connected to southwestway park.

It has been suggested by our current renters that we mention you really don’t spend much time in these cabins. You are out doing other things around the property during the day and sitting around campfire in the evenings. We have also been told that when current renters first came out to tour the property they were not sure what to expect, but we exceeded all of their expectations. It is very nice to hear this feedback as it is hard to explain in text what this place is really like. We have a terrific group of people – from singles, friends, families and retired couples. If you have any interest we hope to exceed your expectations and would be happy to give you a tour of the property. Just let us know and we will set up a time and day to meet you out there.

Each site rental includes:

  • Full access to White River (out your front door)
  • Direct access to neighboring 500+ acre Southwestway Park & Winding river golf course (out your front door)
  • 40’x40’ lot with small cabin
  • Fire ring
  • 8’ Picnic table
  • Men’s and woman’s onsite restroom access
  • Drinking water access
  • Power access
  • Showers
  • Security gate
  • Security cameras
  • Private parking spot
  • Pets Allowed
  • Safety measures – required background and credit checks

Yearly Rates

Standard Cabin site per year $2300 + $200 refundable deposit

Larger cabins if available – Request for pricing Call or text 317-796-5314

Select your site today!

You can experience wildlife, hiking trails, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and mountain biking just steps from your cabin front door! Your Lot comes with a small camping cabin (just under 120 sqft) that is ready for your own personal touch. The cabin sits nestled by nature and serenity amidst the bustling city of Indianapolis and only a few minutes from downtown. Come and enjoy your own personal getaway. Have this getaway site for the entire year and go whenever you want – after work, weekends, vacations, etc.

Water will be shut off and winterized in November and turned on in March/April (weather depending). Overnight stays are not permitted when water is turned off. You are welcome to use the property during the day when the water is off (fishing, hiking, mountain biking, sledding), just no overnights allowed.

Call or Text 317-796-5314 or Message us at Info@Indy

Facebook / Instagram – IndyRiverCamp

Camp address: 4620 W. Southport Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46221